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[sticky post] Hello~

Dear people, aliens, angels, flowers, all beings who are reading this.


As you can see, this journal is not very active. The last time I wrote something here is... So long time ago...
I'm keeping this blog just because of my friends page, acces to communities, and because it's easier to comment when I'm logged in.

But, I'm active at other places, if you are interested.
YO Forum

Well, I'm mostly active at tumblr

Maybe one day, I'll start to be active here. And maybe not.
Hi, guys.
Some time passed and I again write story about Mao-chan and Dai-chan.
In fact, I started write this some time ago and finally I finished it. But... For some reasons it doesn't look so amazing like before, for me. Now I'm not sure if all this idea is good. But... I don't care. I already finished it, so I post it. So.

And again, I'm not english speaker, so there will be grammar mistakes for sure. I'm sorry for that. But even, I hope you'll enjoy.

Tittle : Pleasant and Unpleasant feelings
Pairing :  Watanabe Daisuke / Hamao Kyousuke
Rating: sincerely, who care about this? And what is more, I never understand what which rating mark mean. And have no idea who should read this... But if you want... PG-13? PG-15? Have no idea
Summary: They are lovers and they are together alone all night for the first time... But what if there are even unpleasant feeling?  And what about Mao's curious brother? Ok, that sounds weird. And and it's misleading.

For beta-reading thanks to maya_hayashi

It's pleasant feeling...Collapse )

Fic: Wake up! (DaixMao)

This is interesting. I wrote story in english? what the hell happend?

I had idea for this short story few days ago... But today I wanted wrote it. And there was a BIG problem, because at that moment, when I wanted write, I have go to school... I wanted kill someone.
It's kinda hard write something in school there are curious classmates and teachers...
On the end, I spent  lesson of history with writting this to my mobile phone. And now, my finger hurts. A lot :-(

So, this is short story about Mao and Dai-chan. It can be placed somewhere to shooting third (?) movie from Takumi-kun series, because Mao and Dai were slept in one room, right?

And, I think this is my first story in english. So hope there is no lot of mistakes and nonsenses.

Tittle : Wake up!
Pairing : Hamao Kyosuke / Watanabe Daisuke
Rating: PG
Summary: What happened when Mao don't want wake up?

Wake up, Mao!Collapse )

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